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Expression of Interest (EOI)

Strategic Partnership for land and connectivity to develop Renewable Energy projects of 5 GW+ capacity by 2025

About Serentica

Serentica provides round-the-clock renewable energy solutions to enable the transition of large-scale, energy-intensive industries to clean energy. The company is focused on industrial decarbonization, by making renewables the primary source of energy for the commercial & industrial segment which consumes more than 50% of the electricity generated in India. Serentica aims to provide assured renewable energy through a combination of solar, wind, energy storage and balancing solutions.


To build a leading sustainable energy platform that accelerates the clean energy transition for hard-to-abate industries by providing round-the-clock renewable energy.


To deliver 15 billion units of renewable energy (displacing ~20 Mn Tonne of CO2e) annually to Industrial customers by 2025. With this, Serentica intends to be the leading provider of round-the-clock renewable solutions provider and give customized solutions to its customers. Serentica has already signed up definitive agreements to install ~1.5 GW renewable energy to decarbonize energy intensive industries in the Aluminum & Zinc industry.


To harness the renewable energy potential in the country and contribute to the decarbonization journey, Serentica believes that land and connectivity to the national grid are two key pillars to achieve its targets.

In this context, Serentica seeks strategic partnerships with Institutions/ EPC contractors/ RE developers who have land and connectivity across the country to develop wind-solar hybrid projects in India.

Serentica invites EOI from prospective partners who have :

  • Land sites to set up wind or solar projects with connectivity already granted at national / state grid

  • Land sites with wind mast data to develop wind projects across the country.

  • Connectivity with national grid to develop wind or solar projects with start date before Mar’25

Submission of Applications:

Interested parties can submit their Expression of Interest providing the following details by 23rd January 2023 by submitting the documents through e-mail to

Sr. No
Information Sought
Details to be submitted
Proposal for Partnership
Partner Information
·        Full name of partner organisation
·        Address for correspondence
·        Registered office address
·        Details of Directors/Principals
·        Certificate of Company Incorporation
·        Organizational structure
·        Business profile
Financial Information & Expertise
·        Preceding 3 Years Audited Financial Statements
·        Details of experience of working with Financial institutions & International development agencies
Domain Expertise
·        Note on domain expertise
Experience & Project Details
·        Relevant project experience in the last 5 years
·        Quantum of Connectivity available (in SPV or HoldCo)
·        Wind land parcels with wind mast data available (acres)
o   Location (State, District, Taluka)
o   Nearest CTU Sub-station
o   No. of years of Wind mast data available
o   Land Parcel identified/ already acquired.
·        Solar land parcels (contiguous) available (acres)
o   Location (State, District, Taluka)
o   Nearest CTU Sub-station
o   Land Parcel identified/ already acquired


Prospective respondent to this EOI acknowledges and agrees that:

  • Serentica has issued this EOI with the best intention to explore the market for eligible and interested partners and has no compulsions to enter into definitive contractual agreements.

  • This EOI does not guarantee conversion into any definitive contractual agreements
  • It is also agreed that Serentica in its sole discretion, may reject any and all proposals made by respondent(s), may change the conditions relating to the EOI or cancel this EOI at any time without assigning any reason.

  • Prospective respondent(s) acknowledge and agree that response to the EOI is purely voluntary action on their part and for any expenditure on this account shall be borne by the respondent(s).
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