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We are focused on making renewables the primary source of energy for the Commercial & Industrial segment which today consumes more than 50% of generated electricity.


We aim to deliver Round-the-Clock RE @60-75% Capacity Utilisation Factor while tackling the problem of renewable intermittency through:

1.  Designing Optimal Solutions
2.  Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling Services
3.  Provide balancing power requirement using

  • Physical assets like battery and pump storage solutions

  • Physical instruments like day-ahead market and real time market products

  • Derivatives and financial hedging instruments 

4. Asset Dispatch Optimisation

  • Fixed price 25-year contracts with long term tariff certainty

  • Decarbonizing majority of customer's total consumption from day 1, and eventually 100%

  • Managing connectivity and other permits for the customer to enable this transition 

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