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We are here to help you in your decarbonisation journey. The Decarbonisation Calculator will help determine a fair estimate of the conventional energy that will be displaced through your choice of hybrid renewable energy.

How much quantum of energy are you aiming to replace with green energy produced?


What percentage of CUF* are you looking for?

Based on the CUF entered, it will also show the technology which can be used as per the chart below.


Potential Solution

*Capacity Utilisation Factor (CUF) is the percentage of conventional energy sources that can be replaced with a combination of renewable energy (RE) solutions. These are the indicative and only one solution which is possible out of many.

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262.80 Million Units
Green Energy Generated annually
0.24 Million Tons
Carbon Emissions
Avoided Annually

Green Energy Network

The C&I segment in India requires access to predictable, RTC-RE at a reasonable cost. At Serentica, we are uniquely leveraging the Indian transmission network to ensure this seamless green energy transfer from our RE hubs to customers’ industrial hubs. Here’s a glimpse of our Green Energy network.

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