A Word from the CHRO

At the heart of what we do is our purpose of reversing climate change by providing round-the-clock, clean power to hard-to-abate sectors. Our growing talent pool comprises people who perceive their role in the RE industry as more than just a career option. They’re individuals who are passionate about channelising their capabilities to build a healthier planet. As decarbonisation picks up pace across the globe, we’re growing our community of change-makers. Join us in our endeavour to power a greener future.

Ruhie Pande

Group CHRO

Employee Spotlight

At Serentica, while we celebrate diversity, we’re the same in our endeavour to transform the future of energy, across the world. We’re just getting started and we’re looking for people who care about the planet as much as we do. Let’s channelise our collective potential and usher in a new era of energy.

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